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Just recently i joined ArtFire.com. I heard about ArtFire.com from Starving [Jewelry] Artists Forum. I only heard good things about them so I thought “why not?“.

What is ArtFire.com?
It’s a Buy and Sell Handmade website similar to the widely known Etsy.com. So why would you want another? Because, Joining is FREE and Selling is FREE too! How awesome is that! Only with your free membership, there are some limitation such as you’re only allowed to sell 10 items in your store at once and limited number of pictures uploaded for each item. However, for a free deal, that is not bad at all! NO COMMISSION FEE and NO LISTING FEE for each sale either! For Buyers, you can always join for free 🙂

Now, where would ArtFire.com get the money to fund their website? They have provided an option of paid membership of $20/month. Although it may sound a bit steep at first, but I can assure you that it’s not expensive at all considering they only take that and NO MORE! NO listing fee, NO commission fee per sale, absolutely NOTHING MORE than that $20/month.

What could be better than that?

Ok, right now they’re offering $12/month for limited time with absolutely no commission fee and no listing fee! I say it’s a very good deal! They have a Referral Program that might get you a chance of Free Membership with unlimited access that only Paid Members got. Get another 10 people to join ArtFire.com to get your free membership! So, what are you waiting for? Quick! Register on ArtFire.com NOW! This offer doesn’t last forever! Referral Program is only running until April 22, 2009.

Register on ArtFire.com NOW!




EDIT: 07/12/2008

Today I uploaded a bunch of stuffs in ArtFire.com and their one stop uploading page is pretty awesome. Not 5 page steps like etsy. They also got a bulk picture uploader so it’s been pretty nice. My uploading experience was a quick and a pleasant one. Editing a post also simple and fast.





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