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Inspired by one of the forum members, I made this necklace entirely from scrap wires. They weren’t bad wires, mind you, only the orphan wires that were too short for other projects. Cuts from previous projects or experimental wire I used. It was nice that I found another purpose for them. I’ve saved all of my silver to the tiniest cut.

Gots the idea while watching TV and worked on it after the show was ended. Lol. This project including reshaping wire, forging, heavy hammering, and spiraling. I hammered thin the wires, 3-4 times each side using a ball peen hammer. I love hammering.. XD Now let’s hope we don’t have to live in a small apartment when i get to the USA or we’d get a lot of complaints from the neighbors XD “keep it down will ya!”

Making the Smokey Quartz “frills” took quite a while. I gained more respect for others who incorporated a lot of “frills” in their design. I’m satisfied with this project, I must say 😀

This necklace was kinda hard to photograph! lotsa trial and errors. I think I took about almost 30 pictures and only 1/4 of them that are actually decent enough 😛

I added the flowery patterns to distract people staring on my (what it seems like) bare chest and be more focusing on the necklace! lmao. But i acually like the end result. Adds some character to it, IMO 🙂

That’s the end of the story of this one :3 Until next time 😀


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