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Since this is the beginning of a serious business, I figure that i need a “signature box” for my jewelries and make my business card ready whenever anyone ask for it.

I’ve got the boxes ready two days ago and finished the business card last night! I’m not sure about the logo yet but i think i like it =) Only the spiral on the “t” kinda makes me thinking of should I let it stay or make it straight.

I really like the colors! They’re so pretty and soft. I think it would still be suitable for wedding jewelry boxes =) The cool thing about this box is that it requires NO glue. Just folds through and through 😀

The business cards:

The text isn’t as dark as it’s supposed to be because my printer is running out of black ink.

The vector image (watermarked):

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with them! 😀


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Just added this to my Silver collection! I finished it a few days ago and i’m pretty proud of this one. It’s my first hammering project and i can say i love hammering XD

It’s all sterling silver, everything (wire) is handmade by me, even the clasps. So if everything isn’t in precise length, that’s just the nature of handmade products. Don’t you love organic shapes?

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